A multiplayer snake game for Windows modeled after the classic game "Snake"

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Snake Slither, a simple and free online multiple game, lets you grab the controls of a tiny snake. As you devour more glowing orbs, your snake grows longer, and you have a chief goal to continue expanding while not hitting other snakes. This game differs from the early mobile phone snake games because as you grow larger, the smaller snakes struggle to kill you. Snake Slither adopts a simple approach where you grow the orbs to become a massive serpent, and the fast respawns times amplify how addictive this game gets. Your recovery from disappointment evaporates as you transfer right back into the game.

Getting Started

When you first begin the quest, you'll appear to be the size of a maggot. The more orbs you gobble up, however, the faster your snake grows, and, when other gamers collide with the body of your snake, they will be destroyed. Dead snakes lose their energy and become orbs. You can use this to your advantage and grow larger. You die in Snake Slither when your snake head crashes into the body of another snake. If other people crash into your snake, however, they're the ones who have to start all over.

You spend most of the game fleeing the other snakes while you gather more orbs and grow. The cool part about Snake Slither is how you forge a path of rampage and destroy other snakes on the map to gobble up their orbs. You will, however, have to outwit them and exhibit cunning and plot to make the other snakes have an "accident."

Tactics to Destroy Other Snakes

A sly gamer can think of numerous tactics to be the downfall of the other snakes. The larger you grow, the more options you have because your body grows and they can accidentally crash into you more easily. A large snake can slowly coil around a smaller snake, surround them until they strike the body of the snake. After you have died, you can choose to either respawn in the game, or you can respawn to another game. In general, the most aggressive players die more often, and a life-lengthening tip is to avoid contact with the other snakes.

What Kind of Computer Do You Need?

Snake Slither features basic graphics, but it hogs a lot of CPU power and bandwidth. You may not want to install this game unless you own a more modern computer. On the other hand, you can lower the graphics of the game to make it more playable. Those who play Snake Slither will find two different versions. First, developers made the version for more powerful computers where the snake grows fatter and longer. If you have an older machine, however, you will play the second version and find fewer gamers, and the snake grows longer but not fatter.


  • Snakes get more tactics the larger they grow
  • Aggressive snakes don't usually live as long


  • Requires a powerful computer to play

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